Fred Lunettes

Fred Joaillier is a French jewellery brand named after the founder Fred Samuel. The first store opened in Paris in 1936 and became famous for its jewels designed by Jean Cocteau, and for its famous client such as Marlène Dietrich or Grace Kelly.

The name FRED, after being imposed by German occupants instead of ‘Fred Samuel’ because of the Jewish origins of its founder, was adopted by the Brand after the WW2. In 1976, new stores were opening across the world.

The company became the property of LVMH in 1996.

During World War II, Fred Samuel fled Paris and became an interpreter for the Allies.

FRED Paris Joaillier also made the “Pretty Woman” necklace specifically for the film. The necklace was made of 18k white gold, diamonds and rubies. Fred is an exclusive brand and has provided jewels for many events including the oscars to major stars. Fred still makes film appearances. The last major film Fred Paris provided jewellery for was Casino Royale; the film starring Daniel Craig. Dimitrios’ wife was wearing the star collection pendant and earrings. Fred Paris was also the inventor of cable jewellery ‘Force 10’ (made of stainless steel) in 1966. He made this design vintage in the 1970s. In 2012, Fred associated with Kate Moss for the design of an exclusive collection.